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July 29, 2010

What he said:

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Martin Kettle, in today’s Guardian accurately sums up Labour’s approach on electoral reform in one paragraph:

This week’s decision to oppose the bill on second reading, however, defines Labour both as a party that is a defender of unequal constituencies and one whose commitment to AV reform has quickly become conditional. It raises the question of whether Labour will now, in fact, campaign for a yes vote on AV at all. When Labour looks at this bill it sees Clegg – whom it now hates – not electoral reform, which it should and until a few weeks ago did support. Nearly two centuries after the Chartists, one is bound to ask whether the Labour party is any longer a party of reform at all.

Read the whole thing.

On reflection, I think I was too generous in letting Labour’s accusations of gerrymandering stand. It is a couple of steps away from suggesting ballot box fixing, and quite disingenuous given that it’s no secret that Labour benefits significantly from the current electoral boundaries.

I’m beginning to think that the basic Labour party aim is to wreck the coalition as it stands and force another election. For the good of the country, I assume.

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