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August 10, 2010

I suppose if you ate cake for every meal, that’d probably be unhealthy too

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Apparently, Barbecues, a form of meal with limitless supplies of cooked meat and innumerable side dishes, contain more than the recommended daily amount of calories. They are, according to this article under fire (geddit?!!?) for “exceeding healthy calorie intake”. 

Beer, ice-cream, crisps, Indian takeaways, chips and anything in batter: normally, it’s a particular food type that gets blamed for helping the British to pile on the pounds. But now a whole style of cooking and eating has come under fire for encouraging obesity in the UK.

Words fail. Since when is grilling food on an open fire a whole new way style of cooking? In what way is a meal that can only really be consumed on irregular weekends in the minority of the year in this country really be considered to be “encouraging obesity”?  

The study, conducted by Boots and the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Programme, found that the average helping includes two sausages, one-and-a-half burgers, two chicken drumsticks, one and a half meat skewers, fish, a baked potato, a green side salad, pasta salad, a desert and – for the sake of healthiness, no doubt – a bowl of fruit salad to round the meal off.

Everything past “meat skewers” is alien to my concept of a Barbecue, though combine the words “potato” and “salad” and we’re having a conversation.

This is news? Were people really tucking into plate upon plate of delicious grilled food thinking “ah! no need for the gym after this baby”? Is it not an established piece of pop culture that Barbecues are essentially the closest we get to socially acceptable displays of gluttony? 

Honestly – this piece is this reductio ad absurdum of the media obsession with the obesity “epidemic”.

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