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September 30, 2010

Dispatches from the Robot Apocalypse – Part VII

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How fun! Robots that can teach themselves archery!

The cute, childlike robot, named iCub, was designed by researchers at the Italian Institute of Technology. Armed with a bow, an arrow, a cute Native American headdress and a complicated computer algorithm, the robot learns from his missed shots iteratively, until he makes the bull’s-eye.

Of course, you might say, Pete, you fool, it’s only a bow and arrow, we have guns! To which I’ll say – archery is quite a hard skill, whereas shooting guns is easy. Of course, the most terrifying worst thing isn’t that they’ve fitted the machine with a targetting algorithm, it’s that having seen the Terminator franchise, they’ve learned the key lesson – if you make all the robots cutesy and ridiculous, they won’t seem so menacing. That’s why reality’s version of Skynet is called Google.

Seriously! When the killbots come, they won’t look like this:

They’ll look like this:

Tom Scocca has more

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