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November 12, 2010

A fifty minute distillation of my opinions on the news media

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I’m the guy on the right (Jon Stewart):

I also like the lady on the left, she does some good work. My favourite line is where Stewart says something along the lines of “I think there’s a greater division between people who have kids and those who don’t than between the left and the right”. 

His point about partisanship vs ideology is also good, and it hits home with the UK media – virtually every paper I read has someone on their books who is or was of the opposite side of the spectrum to 

It’s not quite as bad in this country as FOX and so forth, but read Comment is Free and the Telegraph Blogs on any given day, and you get a sense of just insanely different two ideological viewpoints can digest the exact same set of facts. I’m not giving the two any sense of equivalence, but still. 

The way newspapers, especially in their online incarnations, make money is to frontpage their most combative opinion pieces to ramp up pageviews. If all they did was report the news and give some analysis, then they’d be the BBC website. It’s why the Independent went to its crazy movie poster style frontpages a few years ago, and essentially put me off for life. I despise provocative statements that appeal to our base emotions, without context and when there’s no apparent irony. It’s one of the reasons I really can’t stand Polly Toynbee, as she essentially writes entire columns in that manner. It’s one of the reasons I despise roughly two thirds of the Telegraph bloggers. 

And so on…

Fun fact – I used to hate, hate Jon Stewart. Watch the whole thing. 

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