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November 24, 2010

Security Theatre – A Play in Three Acts

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Over at Balloon Juice, John Cole and E.D. Kain have excellent points to make about the whole molestation security procedures that one has to go through in order to board a flight in or around the United States. For those who can’t be bothered to click through, John makes the point that the Republicans, who are all of a sudden born again liberty lovers, were the ones who introduced the whole thing. 

E.D. (for the record, a decent and reasonable conservative for whom I have a lot of respect) accepts all that, but notes that the Democrats haven’t exactly reversed that course either. He’s entirely right, and notes that this is the sort of bipartisanship that the US can (sadly) believe in.

I read the other day, and I don’t know who said it, but politicians in America are more concerned with not presiding over a terrorist attack than they are about upholding their Constitution. And that’s correct. But it’s something that everyone seems to have accepted, despite the stupidity of the notion. And two wars have come out of it. And we’re still fighting an eminently pointless one, and having to take our shoes off at the fucking airport.

The paradigm has been struck nonetheless, despite the warnings of this chap.

Let me put it this way to E.D. – there’s only one party that would accept a person who uttered those words in political speech, and it isn’t the party that Eisenhower belonged to.

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