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March 21, 2011

Housekeeping Open Thread

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Hmm. The blog is looking all messed up today, and I got my first insulting comment for a post I did months ago! What a ride.

Anyway, sorry for the light posting. I really prefer the world when its happenings are the marginal sort of bullshit that I can snipe at from the sidelines. But all this big world shit is crazy! Crazy, I tells ya! All this Middle East stuff, and Japan and the economy and everything. It drives a man crazy sometimes. Sometimes it’s just easier to unload on Twitter and let the collective inanity wash over you like a metaphor. 

Not sure what to about the blog text malfunction. To me it looks like Wingdings threw up on our blog, though that might just be my browser/eyes. I’m hoping that maybe this post will rattle the system a little, or that the problem will go away by itself, like this lump on my neck. 

How are you guys? Not sure why I made this an open thread, since we don’t yet have regular commenters, but all the cool blogs do it, so maybe that’s the trick.

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