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March 26, 2011

The Arab Spring Reaches London

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This might be the most idiotic minute in a speech ever given:

I assume in the uncut version the audience starts singing “we shall overcome”.

Look. All the movements that Ed Miliband mentions were fighting against a tide of oppression. Say what you will about the current level of The Cuts, it doesn’t come close to that. Further, all those groups managed to convince lawmakers through means that went beyond the protests to measurable democratic victories. 

We’re not arguing over the inability of half the population to express themselves at the ballot box because they lack the Y Chromosone. Nor the lax enforcement of equal voting rights and the surpression of voter registration based on the colour of one’s skin. And certainly not the establishment of an underclass of individuals who form the majority in what is essentially a Christian Fundamentalist regime. 

All this really does is prove how shallow the bench of the Labour Party currently is.

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